What's It All About? Alfie!

In all my professional years as a singer and producer, I have never heard anyone as amazing as Alfie Silas Durio when it comes to lending her soprano tones to ANYTHING! She set the bar for a sound in the recording session world that I've found as a producer to be unmatchable without her presence. Check her All Music credits.  She's on everything. The precision of her tone and her vocal range... unmatched. Humble and beautiful, a woman of God, not nearly given the recognition she deserves as a SOLO ARTIST and supporting vocalist. In the New Music Industry however, Alfie Silas Durio will be honored along with many unsung vocalists who have set the standard for the art of being a Premier Vocalist. I've known her since I was 16 and she has always been this awesome! As a supporting vocalist for Whitney Houston, Whitney publicly gave her props for her soprano tones in a live performance of "Ain't No Way" as Alfie effortlessly sang the soprano solo notes made famous by Cissy Houston. Heard worldwide on Legendary artist Andrae Crouch's "To God Be The Glory", Alfie remains in a class of her own and her life is proof of her devotion to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Listen to the clarity, beauty, and precision of her voice in this youtube clip below... outstanding Alfie Silas Durio

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To God Be The Glory - Andrae Crouch Featuring Alfie Silas Durio

Aretha Franklin Medley "Ain't No Way" - Whitney Houston 



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