Indie Artist Advice #1- Demands already?

At a Grammy event in Atlanta, Singer/Songwriter PJ Morton offered a piece of advice to up and coming artists that helped him get to where he is. "You must remember that you don't make demands until you are in demand."

As a manager, that's a message I wish was broadcasted to every artist who wants to make it in the industry. I've witnessed artists who from the start have demands of a superstar. There have been those that are offended when you tell them that. Needless to say, they still haven't come out. An ego can hinder the success of a artist/band simply because no one wants to deal with them especially when it's more beneficial for the act to cooperate. The people that matter in the industry won't put up with it because they do not have to. Know the difference between being confident and egotistical. Even if people aren't into what you do musically, they can't help but respect your humble attitude.