MusicXray: A&R Alternative

If you want to find some legit opps on the internet, there are a few sites that are actually producing results. SoundCloud and MusicXray's partnership offer SoundCloud users an opportunity to submit material to industry professionals for consideration. Like similar sites on the net, there is a submission fee and process which is common practice now, however, the user can also search for free opps on the site. Many artists simply don't have the time to surf the net for opportunities, and sometimes don't take the time to read the small print. PHB offers these services in our indie package, and as an affiliate can ensure that your submission request is carried out with detail to the small print. MusicXray will always send you updates that match your artistic submissions.

MusicXray currently has apporoximately 1200 industry pro's including MTV, Warner, Discovery, Film and Publishing opps.

~Pattie H.




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